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      "Turn the harness around the other way on 'em."They must be listening for us, in the seaplane, Sandy decided. I know there was a pilot and the man who got the life preserver. I wish I could have gotten a good look at either one, but the pilot had goggles and his helmet to hide his face and the other man had his back turned to us. Where can they be? What are they doing?

      "'You must get along without him,' said old Bragg. 'I'm astonished at you having such a man around. Where in the world did you pick him up? But it's just like you. How in God's name Jeff Davis expects me to command an army with such makeshifts of staff officers as he sends me, I don't know. He keeps the best for old Lee unt sends me what nobody else'll have, unt then expects me to win battles against a better army than the Army of the Potomac. I never got a staff officer that had brains once.'

      Those emeralds arent on the yacht, Sandy declared. Captain Parks helped us by sending most of the crew ashore while Mr. Everdail took his wife to their woods camp. We went over the yacht

      Not with a fortune in it, agreed Larry. But we were so sure

      "I'll do anything. Mister," blubbered Hackberry. "I'll marry her this minnit. Say the words, 'Squire.""Bring up the band and serenade 'em."


      Cut, said Jeff, but something tells me youll waste time."Surrender, you off-scourings of secession," added Shorty.



      "Sakes alive!" ejaculated the Deacon, producing the strapped pocketbook again. "Five dollars gone, and precious little to show for it.""Stand back; I'll attend to you next," said the228 Lieutenant impatiently. "Now, tie his hands behind him."